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When companies aren’t achieving their desired goals, it can be hard to find the right course to make changes. Platinum has partnered with companies around the world to assist in developing a roadmap to success. We embed ourselves with our clients’ leadership and employee groups, and through evidence-based Performance DNA Analysis ™, we identify top performers within the organization and evaluate how they accomplish their work. We also pinpoint barriers that prevent employees and leaders from aligning their goals and achieving success. Then, working with the organization’s leadership, we develop ways replicate top performance to the rest of the team, providing them with tools to help them reach their objectives.

Organizations around the world have seen long-lasting, measurable results.

What a Performance DNA™ Analysis Helps You Uncover

A Performance DNA™ analysis follows four phases to identify and analyze the performance of those employees who consistently meet the goals of the organization, to create a plan of action to transfer their approach to others in your organization and to measure the results of these changes to show the ROI.  

Phase 1: Business Analysis

The Business Analysis phase involves us working with key stakeholders to define the organization’s business or project goals and desired results, as well as what overall success of this analysis will look like. During this phase, we help you assess the impact of the analysis, get buy-in and support from senior management, determine your team’s responsibility to identify top performers, communicate and present the final project plan and get commitment to move forward with the analysis.

Phase 2: Performance Analysis

The Performance Analysis phase allows us to interview and observe key performers, their managers and other stakeholders in the organization. This unique approach to performance improvement enables us to uncover what outcomes the key performers are producing that are often different from others in the workplace and that more closely align with the organization’s goals and results. 

Phase 3: Key Performer Analysis

The Key Performer Analysis phase includes a deeper analysis of how key performers accomplish their work and what they do to get results for the organization. During this phase, we also uncover the pathways and barriers they encounter while performing their jobs. Our goal is to improve workplace performance by removing the barriers and reinforcing the clear pathways the key performers follow to complete their work. We look at what they do, how they are successful, who they interact with, and why they do what they do. We also identify any performance tools or job aids they have developed to achieve their success and overcome the barriers.

Phase 4: Influence Analysis

During the Influence Analysis phase, we consolidate the data from our interviews and observations and use Performance DNA™ tools to show the gaps in workplace performance. We then test and validate our data to confirm the positive and negative influences on workplace performance. These influences may include:

  • Processes
  • Workplace structure and environment
  • Training and development
  • Personal motivation
  • Management structure and support
  • Personnel selection and hiring
  • Tools and technology
  • Any other influences we observe or heard


Once all four phases are completed, Platinum provides you with a comprehensive report that includes recommended solutions to improve overall job performance and to achieve your organizational goals. This approach helps you move your standard employees to a higher level of performance in an effective and efficient manner.  

We look forward to partnering with your organization and helping you achieve your goals.

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