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"Finding What's Right to Fix What's Wrong"

When companies aren’t achieving their desired goals, leaders may struggle to make meaningful changes. Platinum has partnered with companies around the world to assist in developing a roadmap to success. We embed ourselves with our clients’ leadership and employee groups, and through evidence-based Performance DNA Analysis™, we identify top performers within the organization and evaluate how they accomplish their work. We also pinpoint barriers that prevent employees and leaders from aligning their goals and achieving success. Then, working with the organization’s leadership, we develop ways to replicate top performance to the rest of the team, providing them with tools to help them reach their objectives. 


Using our proven methodology, we help companies solve problems by aligning employee performance with business goals.


We offer keynote presentations, leadership retreats and training workshops to develop better performance throughout your organization.


We work with leaders to create a strategic plan and move them toward success with accountability and alignment with front-line staff.

The Value of Human Perfomance Improvement

The “art and science” of Human Performance has been quietly evolving for the last 50 years, though in the last
10 years the attention to performance improvement in the workplace and Performance DNA has been

Why? Because, behind all the great technology advances made in the workplace, improvements made in
management and leadership processes, process improvement initiatives and any other advances companies
have made, they are still not getting the “results” they want.

Featured Case Studies

Some recent case studies from actual projects that Platinum has recently worked on.

High Attrition


Ineffective Job Aids


Misaligned Performance Goals


What our clients are saying

“Jessica quickly became a key member of our leadership team during her engagement with W-Industries. We originally hired her to help us with the implementation of our HR tools and policies. However because of her skills in project management, facilitation and team-building she ended up playing a much more integral role during a time of transition. Quite frankly, our company would not have achieved several of our accomplishments in 2019 if not for her involvement. Additionally, she lent a hand to a few of our key leaders by providing one-on-one coaching on topics of organizing workloads, time management and general leadership development. I trust that we haven’t seen the last of her!”

Jamie Monteiro

Chief Financial Officer, W-Industries

“Working with Dennis and Jessica has been an incredible partnership. They approach their work with integrity and great insight. Their experise has been invaluable on our projects. I trust them to do the right thing, give their professionalism to my clients and projects, and to deliver amazing results.” Kenneth Nemcovich

Chief Executive Officer, Performance Solutions

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