The Value

Of Human Performance Improvement




The People Factor

The “art and science” of Human Performance has been quietly evolving for the last 50 years, though in the last 10 years the attention to performance improvement in the workplace and Performance DNA has been explosive.

Why? Because, behind all the great technology advances made in the workplace, improvements made in management and leadership processes, process improvement initiatives and any other advances companies have made, they are still not getting the “results” they want. This is because the ‘people’ piece of the equation has often been left out of the equation. When companies try to fix problems by changing a process, adding new technologies or training people without understanding the key outcomes that drive ‘peoples’ success, it doesn’t work well.

Organizations must realize that the “people factor” is the most important part of the equation, and that organizational change does not take place without focusing first on human performance. Only then will they will start to see positive change that will last over time.

All of this would not be possible without the work and dedication of human performance pioneers like Dr. Thomas Gilbert and Dr. Joe Harless. They set a foundation for growth and because of their work, interest in HPI has grown into a powerful and widely accepted methodology that is used to maximize our return on human capital in the workplace.


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