Frequently Asked Questions

What is Human Performance Improvement?

Human Performance Improvement, or HPI, has its roots in behavioral psychology. It evaluates how humans use their circumstances, such as their work environment or workflow, to create ways to accomplish a task. Because of the human tendency to make mistakes, HPI methodologies, like Performance DNA™, uncover why some workers make mistakes and others have learned and implemented ways to avoid those mistakes. HPI consultants find the people who are not making mistakes, learn how they avoid those mistakes and share that approach throughout the organization to ensure fewer mistakes and better performance overall.

What are the main organizational challenges that performance improvement consultants help uncover and lay out a process to fix?

We help organizations and leaders facing high turnover, or attrition; low or poor productivity; unmet financial goals; and stagnant or dysfunctioning organizational cultures, etc. Most often leaders know there’s a problem to fix, but can’t identify specifically what it is and aren’t able to find an effective, sustainable way to overcome it.  Or perhaps those leaders fall into a trap, thinking that more training will fix all the problems. We have seen all kinds of problems and we have helped each client gain traction and find success.

How long does a Performance DNA™ analysis take?

This all depends on the availability of an organization’s leadership team and employees. Generally, the analysis phase can take up to two weeks to complete, as it involves interviewing leaders to find out what the problem is and top or “key performers,” as well as standard performers, within the organization to compare how they handle their work. Once interviews and observations are complete, our team will deliver a report of findings complete with interview results, recommendations, next steps and options for moving the workgroup forward to achieve the desired results.

Does Platinum Performance Partners specialize in one industry?

Platinum doesn’t specialize in one industry. We specialize in evaluating people. So, no matter what type of industry is represented by an organization, we can uncover barriers and the methods key performers use to overcome those barriers. We can also help find areas of opportunity that leaders face and coach them through these obstacles, building their confidence and outlining ways for them to improve their relationships with their team members.

What is Performance DNA™?

Performance DNA™, developed by our founding partner Dennis Mankin, is a proven methodology used by more than 7,500 performance improvement consultants worldwide to help uncover how organizations’ top performers overcome barriers and achieve their performance goals, so that others in the organization can replicate that approach and meet business objectives. Performance DNA™ is the gold standard for evaluating human performance in the workplace.  

Why would a company consider hiring a performance improvement consultant?

When an organization fails to achieve its goals, leaders may invest in improved technology to simplify the work, change a workflow or further train their people without considering that other factors may be in play. Master Human Performance Consultants from Platinum help unearth how an organization’s key performers overcome the barriers that are preventing the organization from reaching its goals and offer a roadmap for all other team members to follow.

Does Human Performance work?

Since the work of behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner in the 1950s, research has shown that people who use certain behaviors to attain their goals will most often repeat those behaviors to receive positive results. Human Performance Improvement (HPI) similarly concludes that people who complete their work with positive results will continue using the same approach to their work. HPI takes the approach of these key performers and shows others in the organization how to take the same approach and get the same positive results. Therefore, HPI works, because we uncover what has been working for the key performers. We don’t invent the approach, we find it working for your organization’s top performers.

What size companies does Platinum Performance Partners work with?

Although many of Platinum’s clients are large global corporations, we also help smaller organizations or departments within larger corporations improve their performance. Our approach is scalable because it focuses on the human element within a workgroup. So whether a problem involves 1,000 employees or 10, we can uncover the performance obstacles and their root cause and develop a plan to overcome those barriers.