When a healthcare service provider wanted to increase its market share of large group sales clients, it called upon Platinum to evaluate what its high performing sales representatives were doing compared with those on the sales force who were struggling to meet their sales goals.

Through a Performance DNA™ analysis, Platinum identified the unique processes, skills, knowledge, tools, technologies and work environment conditions used by the highest-performing sales professionals and made recommendations to foster these approaches in other sales force members, leveling the revenue-generating potential of each person.

The recommendations included providing a training class to all salespeople, encouraging team members to get out in their respective regions and forge relationships with community businesses and leaders, developing job aids that were accessible by all and creating personal daily dashboards to measure sales goals.

As a result of the Performance DNA™ evaluation and implementation of the recommendations Platinum provided, the market share of the sales team increased 8 to 10 percent and remains consistent nearly a decade later.