A department of a large academic institution wanted to have its management development program evaluated to determine what was working and what was not. The department invited Platinum Performance Partners to use Performance DNA™ to uncover barriers and develop recommendations to help it align the professional development of its management team with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Platinum’s team interviewed two dozen managers over a few days, and through analysis of interview responses and observations, uncovered primary influences that were preventing managers from effectively accomplishing their duties, while developing in their roles. These leaders were spending too much time trying to find information that was housed in various parts of the organization. Furthermore, the sheer size of the organization and not having time to engage with other departments to understand how their workflows did and should interact was a major barrier to success.

Upon identifying these key barriers, Platinum recommended the creation of a simple tool to help managers know where to go within the organization to find the information they needed to accomplish their work. Additionally, Platinum encouraged the institution to create an onboarding process to help new managers understand workflows of other departments and to build relationships with key stakeholders in those ancillary departments.

Once these recommendations were enacted, there was a measurable impact that supported sustained management practices and long-term success.