An industrial service provider sought the help of Platinum Performance Partners to help it reduce the number of industrial spills it experienced due to human error. These spills were dangerous to workers, cost the company money to clean up and threatened its overall safety record. 

Using Performance DNA™, Platinum interviewed top performers and their supervisors and evaluated workers as they performed their job duties. The analysis uncovered that a contributing factor to the spills was a flaw in the employee interview process, which placed a high value on years of experience instead of a candidate’s safety record over his or her job history. Employees were experienced, but many lacked sound safety records when it came to on-the-job spills.   

After completing the analysis, which involved conducting the interviews and observations, compiling data and finalizing a report to the management team, Platinum’s team recommended three primary and measurable actions to reduce the number of industrial spills: focus on employment candidates’ prior safety records rather than their years of experience, have those employees who had not had spills train new employees as well as  those who had been involved in previous spills, and provide all field employees with job aids to help them perform their job duties safely. 

Company leadership accepted and implemented these recommendations, along with others, and spills were reduced and continue to be.